Introduction to Financial Markets

Investing can be mastered by anyone and for those who really learn the key concepts and best practices, they will be able to reach their most challenging financial goals so they can live their best life.

This programme arms you with the knowledge and confidence to start investing in Stock Market, Forex trading and how you can utilize them as a way to protect and grow your money through passive income.




About this course

Learn the general concepts of financial markets and economy. You will see the difference between primary and secondary markets and learn about markets for different products. You will also look at various economic Indicators and their influence on the markets. After completing this course, you will have a much stronger background of financial markets and ready to go to the next stage in the Specialization. This course is designed to help you with very little or no finance background to learn the basics of investments.

What this course covers


Chapter 1  

What you need to know before trading the markets.

Chapter 2 

The importance of Technical an Fundamental Analysis.

Chapter 3  

Risk Management and How to choose a Broker


Duration 2h30